Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beeswax Blunders

I was so happy when I found a local beekeeper guy who was selling beeswax for $3.00 per pound! I thought I was just going to go buy the wax, melt it and mix it with other stuff, slap it in the molds, and WALLAH, I would have lotion bars!

Using some money I made with my soaps, I bought 3 pounds of the stuff. The man handed the bag of wax to me, and my husband and I were making small conversation, etc, etc, so I didn't inspect the wax while we were talking to him, and waited til we got home to really look at it. YIKES! The wax had a bunch of dead bees, a few ants, brown spots, and an unidentified black dirt-looking stuff in it.

To be continued~~~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My First Post

Hi! This is my very first blog post! This blog will be all about homemade soap and other homemade stuff. I am just getting started, so bear with me. I am going to start making homemade lotion bars as well, so stay tuned for more info! I am going to be posting some recipes and tips, and I welcome you to add your own. Have fun with my site! LOTS MORE TO COME!